Basic Search Tool


Search usage:

  1. On the graphical search view as shown below, choose your geometry type you will draw on the map and the collisions that intersect the graphic you draw will be selected and displayed in the results view. Make sure to choose the proper search layer that you are wanting to search.

  2. Collision Search Graphic Image
  3. The Results view is displayed in the widget. There can be no results, one results, or hundreds of results depending on your search criteria you entered.
    If your search generates hundreds of results it may be some time before you are allowed to interact with the results.

  4. Collision Search Results view Image
  5. As you scroll through your selections, they will be highlighted on the map and a pop-up window will appear, with that selections information.
    Also by clicking on the selection, it will zoom to that item.

  6. Collision Search Results view Image
  7. You can also search for Collisions by clicking on the map using the text search tool.

  8. Command bar Image

    This widget allows you to search items based on different criteria, for different layers.

    1. Address (Example: 175 E 2nd St), you can also use partial Address (Example: Mingo or 2100)
    2. Collision Type (Example: Traffic Collision W/injury), you can also use partial names (Example: injury)
  9. Enter text you want to search for in the input box of the Search widget. The search may require entering all of the value, or part of the value depending on which Search option you choose. Set Search Layer to the permit type to search for.

  10. Collision Search Text view Image
  11. Click Search to start the search.